15 things you should know about your customer

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A while ago, I posted about how copy was all about taking your prospect on a journey, so it was important to understand where you want them to go. There’s another side to that, of course. You’ve got to understand where they are now. Whenever I’m talking students through creating a sales page, I’ll have them create a customer avatar, as detailed as it can be. Essentially I’ll have them create an imaginary friend,...

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Lessons from the cheese stall: how to make a sale

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There’s a farmer’s market just down the road from me every Saturday. I go there to pick up food for the week. It’s a bit pricier than Tesco’s but a lot of the stuff’s better quality, and even when it isn’t I don’t mind paying a premium to buy food that’s locally-grown. It seems more than a bit ridiculous that food that was grown locally and driven 10 miles to market costs less than stuff flown in...

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Writing a JV page – first draft

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The first draft is pretty much done, so it seems a good time for a run-down of how I went about putting together the JV page. What’s often forgotten is that your JV page is still a sales page. You’re trying to sell your offer to potential affiliates, and convince them that your product is the one they want to promote to their list, because a) it’s an awesome product and b) they’ll make money when they do. Like any sales...

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Writing a JV page – first thoughts

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Starting a new project is always a good feeling. Uncharted territory, working out how you’re going to approach the product and the audience… In this case, the product is a sales funnel and the audience are affiliates. My job is to persuade as many of them that they want to promote this offer as possible. It’s a market I’m familiar with so I already have some idea of the target customer. And that means the first thing I...

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