The first draft is pretty much done, so it seems a good time for a run-down of how I went about putting together the JV page.

What’s often forgotten is that your JV page is still a sales page. You’re trying to sell your offer to potential affiliates, and convince them that your product is the one they want to promote to their list, because a) it’s an awesome product and b) they’ll make money when they do.

Like any sales page, you need to think about the market. Are you advertising your offer to people who have already promoted you, or are you trying to attract new affiliates to the fold?

In this case, we’re going after new people, so I started by focusing heavily on the authority of our front-man. You’ve got to assume that the people viewing this page will never have heard of you before, so you need to give them a reason to listen to what you say.

So in the headline I grabbed attention with an eye-catching offer – a guarantee of a $10 EPC.

Then I backed that up with a big authority play designed to convince the prospect that we can deliver on that promise, using a lot of testimonials from past affiliates and stats from our previous product launches.

Now we’ve put a large amount of money on the table and shown we’ve got the chops to deliver, that’s the perfect time to get into the specifics – what the product is, why their list is going to find it useful, what upsells we’re putting into the chain and all the supporting benefits of the offer.

Finally, we need to make sure we stand out from the crowd. Our big headline offer of guaranteeing a $10 EPC is going to get some people talking, but I wanted more than that.

So we’re turning this launch into an event – the biggest one we’ve ever done. And yes, of course there’s a story around that, because it’s the story that gets people talking.

All will be revealed… soon.