Here’s a few comments I’ve had on my copy reviews. This first one is from Walt Bayliss. He sent this along without even being asked – finding stuff like this in my in-box on a Monday morning is one of the reasons I do what I do.

Yes, I blushed.

The review Walt’s talking about there was on reworking one of his pages from an affiliate-based traffic source to paid traffic. Paid traffic is a ton more scalable, but the flip-side is it’s harder to sell to. You need to completely rethink how you approach the page to fit the mindset of these new customers.

He told me the next day that conversions had more than doubled after he’d made most of the changes I suggested. Obviously that’s still early, but it definitely shows an improvement.

I was so bowled over by Walt’s video I had to put him first, but I’m not a one-hit wonder. Here’s a few other people I’ve helped:

Neil’s copy review has helped breathe new life into my sales letter, allowing me to connect with my audience on a deeper level than ever before.

- Ryan Dodson, owner of Articles ‘R’ Us

Thank you very much for the review. I’ve put the points you offered into action. It really made sense.

- Mark Helton, web consultant

Neil did an amazing job reviewing my sales copy.

He was able to jump in, and in no time understand what would have the biggest impact for the traffic that would be seeing my page.

His recommendations were spot on, with suggestions that I didn’t even think of, but after he explained, made perfect sense. I’ve had my copy reviewed many times, and his review was certainly the best. He definitely is a Jedi Master when it comes to copy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Thanks Neil!

- Nick Jolin,

Copy reviews cost $500, which weighed against doubling your conversions isn’t really that much.

If you want to book a review of your own site, e-mail me to say hi. I’ll send over the standard questions and we can sort out a slot for you. Usually I’m able to turn round reviews within a few days.

And don’t worry, this e-mail doesn’t commit you to anything, so feel free to ask a few more questions about the process if you’re not sure.

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