Time to be serious

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Time to be serious. This post is thought provoking, and more than a bit depressing: I went to the mall and a little girl called me a terrorist While, you should read the whole thing, the key part is this: It didn’t matter that I was a nice person.  All that mattered was that I looked different. Yes. All that matters is the look. That’s what makes the instant first impression, and that’s what colours all our judgements. To take a...

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Shirley Conran was an Idiot

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“Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom.” - Shirley Conran I have to disagree. And yes, there’s a business Aesop at the end of all this. But for now, mushrooms. Now, I am an enthusiastic if untalented chef. Eating good food is one of life’s great pleasures, and I like to create interesting meals. Last Friday, I tried recreating something I’d eaten in Cornwall, and it was pretty successful. Here’s how it...

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Why no-one works

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Procrastination. I’m REALLY good at it. I can put things off for days, weeks or years. You name it, I won’t have done it. Strangely, this doesn’t apply to professional things. I’ve yet to miss a sales letter deadline. Copy is cranked out to a pretty rigid schedule: I work on it in the mornings, when my writing brain is best, and leave the afternoon for smaller tasks. Personal things: sorting out my investments, sewing...

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Recognise this?

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I’m an arrogant sod. That doesn’t mean I can’t admit I’m wrong… just that I don’t like doing it. You can relate, I’m sure. But we – and by we I mean all of us who always know best – need to remember there’s absolutely no shame in getting something wrong, realising we got something wrong and making a U-turn. This can be hard to do, because we all love to be consistent. Consistent in how...

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On inspiration, Thomas Heatherwick and broad beans

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Here’s an insight into my Sunday. Right now, I’m shelling broad beans. (Actually, I’m clearly procrastinating because shelling broad beans is boring.) These will become part of a broad bean pilau which I’ll serve with spiced grilled courgettes. It’s vegetarian; not because we are but because cooking satisfying vegetarian meals is far more of a challenge, and therefore far more interesting, than serving a slab of...

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