Fly me to the moon

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Whenever you write advertising copy, you should be taking your prospect on a journey. Right now they’re at point A. You want to get them to point B. So before you do anything – and I grant you this seems obvious, but coming to writing copy for the first time a LOT of people seem to forget it – make sure you know what point B is. What action do you want them to take? And I don’t mean eventually… I mean right now,...

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Re: this doesn’t work as well as you’d think

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Got a bit of data for you. Good marketers test. You know this. They’ll try out lots of different approaches to see what works. In terms of e-mail marketing, this means splitting your list into random segments of equal-ish size, sending slightly different e-mails to each and tracking click data. From the results, you can tell which variation works best. There’s a neat little statistical tool called a T-test you can use to judge the...

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What’s the point of advertising?

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You’ve probably had this kind of conversation in the past… An idle comment to a mate suddenly sends you down the rabbit hole, and what you thought was going to be a one-liner on the way home is still being debated three hours and three pints later. I had one of those a couple of days ago, inspired by one of the car-ad billboards (I honestly forget which one, they’re all so interchangeable) and it basically came down to this:...

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