Webinar: Turning Bitcoins Into Gold – Adding Value Without Adding Content

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A few days ago, I delivered a talk at the UK Marketing Summit 2014, organised by Simon Warner, Michelle O’Callaghan and Richard Fairbairn. As it was the first time I’d ever given this talk, I was a bit worried about the reaction. It turned out better than I’d ever expected: So in a couple of days, I’m running a webinar of the same talk for everyone who couldn’t make it. The talk is all about value, and how you can...

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Of cons, commandments and capturing customers

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In 1925, a man walked into the Hotel de Crillon, one of the most prestigious hotels in Paris. Five other men entered with him, but this man was the one who was special. This man would buy the Eiffel Tower. His name was Andre Poisson. He’d been invited to the Hotel de Crillon by the deputy-director of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs, as a leading scrap metal merchant known for his honesty and discretion. After a short presentation,...

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