Whenever I try something new, there’s always a bit of thinking involved. What am I trying to achieve here? What problems will there be? How do I fix them?

Some of that makes sense. When I write a story, I should have a vague idea of who the characters are and what motivates them. When I write copy, I should know enough about the market and product to know why it’s going to appeal.

But it can go too far.

There’s always the temptation to keep gathering information, keep doing preparation. It can be fun, and it feels like you’re doing stuff.

You’re not doing stuff. Knowing the lay of the land is useful. Beyond that, you’re just procrastinating.

You won’t get better at anything if at some point you don’t stop thinking and start doing.

And once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you won’t get any better if you don’t keep doing it.

I’m good at writing. But I don’t have any special talent to thank for that. I’m good because I’ve been writing since I was four years old. Practice, practice, and practice again.

And that’s what this blog is for. I’m glad you’re reading. I hope you get some value here.

But mostly, this is for me. Because the more I write, the better I get.