3 things no copy can do without

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re telling a story to sell, persuade, or entertain – there’s 3 things you always need: A beginning that grabs A middle that keeps An ending that lingers I was reminded of this by a post on the Nieman Storyboard – it’s talking about storytelling in journalism, but the principles of writing something that sticks in the reader’s head well after they’ve finished are pretty...

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Why I like characters who are followed by butterflies

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Today, a story post, because my latest one is being a pain. I like stories with elements of the fantastic, but where the fantastic is just part of how the world works. Tamed fantastic. The kind of fantastic where a man can be followed everywhere he goes by a cloud of yellow butterflies, and no-one remarks on it. It’s just his thing. I think this is because I like the stories I read (and write) to have something to say…...

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“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”

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What were you doing when you heard that Ray Bradbury had died? I found out in a Skype chat. As a few of us worked through an under-performing presell campaign for another member of the group, it was dropped in. I’m being a bit dramatic here. I’ve only read a couple of his books, and though they were good he wasn’t in my top 5 authors. (Yes, I have a top 5. And so should you.) But I’ve got to admit, the guy knew how...

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