Been a bit quiet over the last week or so.

We’ve been making some changes to the launch plans and that means changes to the JV page, though they’re all for the better. It hangs together far more coherently and presents a far better argument for why you should promote us. I’ll put a link up as soon as it’s live.

This JV page isn’t like most JV pages out there.

They’re mostly glorified noticeboards. I’ve yet to work out precisely why they exist… existing affiliates don’t care because you’re just going to tell them about your launch yourself, and there’s nothing there to tell new ones why they should promote you.

You’ve got prizes, you say? Well that’s great. Good for you. But so have all the other 15,000 launches competing for attention. What makes you special?

So that’s what our JV page concentrates on.

Do we have prizes? Hell yes. $25,000 worth of them. But we’ve also got an amazing product, better commissions than anyone else, rockstar copywriting courtesy of yours truly, and a track record of delivering EPCs that make affiliates drool… so that’s what I’ve talked about.

It’s not about making you want to promote us… it’s about making you want to promote us instead of everyone else.

Thing is, I am convinced this is going to be the best promotion going, and a few flashy graphics aren’t going to convey that. What is going to convey that is a coherent argument backed up with solid proof.

Your JV page is still a sales page, kids. Start treating it like one.