A few days ago, I delivered a talk at the UK Marketing Summit 2014, organised by Simon Warner, Michelle O’Callaghan and Richard Fairbairn.

As it was the first time I’d ever given this talk, I was a bit worried about the reaction. It turned out better than I’d ever expected:

Speech screenshot

So in a couple of days, I’m running a webinar of the same talk for everyone who couldn’t make it.

The talk is all about value, and how you can add value to your products without changing them.

On the way, we’ll talk about bitcoins and breakfast cereal and paintings and toasters.

And at the end of it, you’ll know how to charge more for what you currently sell and still keep the same conversions.

The webinar is happening on Monday 24th March 2014, at 3PM GMT.  There are 100 spots available, so if you want to come along (or even if you just want to get the replay link), sign up here:

Webinar registration page




Will it be fun?

Yes it will. Despite this being the first time I’d given the talk and of course forgetting a load of the material, it got a really good reaction.

Also, people found the bit about breakfast cereal really funny.


I like bitcoins and breakfast cereal and paintings and toasters. Will they be included?

Why yes! It’s as if you read my mind!


What are you pitching?

I’m not. This is me practicing how to talk to people without being terrified the sky will fall on my head.


Is the sky likely to fall on your head?

No. This knowledge makes the irrational fear even more irritating.


I dunno, I don’t really have time for a 2-hour webinar…

Me neither. The talk will last about 30 minutes, and then there’ll be a bit of time for questions.


Will there be a replay?

Barring technical fuck-ups, yes. Anyone on the list will be sent the link.


Where do I sign up?

Right here:

Webinar registration page