Here’s the thing: I’d like to get better at speaking. There’s only really one way to do that: practice.

And if I can get that practice while I’m helping you make more money on your next launch, so much the better.

So on Monday 23rd September at 8PM BST, I’m going to do a webinar.

Here’s what will definitely happen:

  • You’ll find out the best way to ensure you get good conversions

  • You’ll discover how to get the most out of your copywriter (whoever you hire, they’ll get you better conversions if you work like this)

  • You’ll be shown one easy tip you can do on any sales page that’s pretty miuch guaranteed to make your offer convert better, and you don’t need to change a word of copy to do it

Here’s what definitely won’t happen:

  • Inductions into Masonic sects

  • Discovery of the meaning of life

  • Dinosaurs

There are 100 spots, and the registration page is here:

In case you need more details, here’s a HELPFUL FAQ:

Why should I come?

Because you’ll find out some cool ways to improve your conversions without changing one word of your copy. Also, it’ll be fun.

Are you going to pitch me?

No. I just want to practice my speaking skills, and to be honest I don’t really have anything to pitch beyond my writing services. If you want them, you know where to find me.

Will there be inductions into Masonic sects, and dinosaurs, and the meaning of life?

There will not. I thought I covered this. It will, however, be fun. See answer 1 for details.

I dunno, I don’t really have time for a 2-hour webinar…

Me neither. I’m expecting to talk for about 15-20 minutes and then do a Q&A at the end. I’ve got more Game of Thrones to watch, I’m not spending my whole evening talking to you.

Will there be a replay?

Fucked if I know. In theory, yes. In practice, this is the first webinar I’ve ever run and I’m about as technologically adept as a cabbage, so it’s not so much a coin toss as ‘everything on 22-black’.

Huh. I should probably turn up, then. How much room is there?

100 spots.

That’s not very much room.

Damn right it’s not. Just because this stuff is free doesn’t mean everyone gets to see it.

You write strange FAQs.

I’m told that fairly frequently. I can’t really take credit for this one, though. It’s a swipe. Come to the webinar and I’ll tell you where I got it from – I’d bet it’s not somewhere you ever thought of going for copy ideas.

Remember: Monday 23rd September, 8PM BST. That’s 3PM EST if you’re across the pond.

Register here: