Ever heard of emotional transference?

Frankly, it’s unlikely, since I just made up the term. Here’s the idea, which is not in itself particularly original: feel good about one thing, and you’re likely to feel good about anything it’s associated with.

Or anything happening at the same time.

You’ll have experienced this any time you hear triumphant or sad music backing a film scene.

And you can see it again here:

Good and Proper Tea Kickstarter

Do me a favour, before you read the rest of this. Check out that link, and read the pitch.

What do you think of it?

Now go back, watch the video, and go read the pitch again.

Feel more positive about the idea? And if so, are you a fan of Fleetwood Mac?

On my first read, before watching the video, I thought the idea was good but the pitch was pretty average. She could make more of the incentives, she could make a bigger thing of the us/them division between coffee and tea (because she’s right, there is absolutely nowhere to get decent tea in London. As a confirmed member of Team Coffee, even I’ve noticed this).

But that video is AMAZING.

It’s well produced, well scripted and she’s an engaging person.

And it uses Fleetwood Mac. It’s familiar, it’s chirpy, it’s damn near impossible for that song not to raise a smile.

And once you’re smiling, you smile on everything else too.