A guy called Richard Neill recently put up a Facebook post expressing surprise that his girlfriend’s periods were not the time of happiness, rainbows and power chords he’d come to expect from watching Bodyform adverts.

Bodyform responded with this totally sincere apology:

You might remember that I was wittering a few weeks ago about how there are two types of advertising – the advertising designed to sell, and the advertising designed to make it easier to sell.

That video is an absolutely stonking example of the latter.

It’s not going to make any sales immediately. But it has just made a lot of people laugh. Now, when they see Bodyform in the supermarket, they’re going to think of that laugh. Bodyform just went from ‘just another brand’ in their head to ‘people like us’.

And when it does come to making the sale, having that position is going to make it a lot easier.

(The full text of Richard’s Facebook post can be found in the Register article, here)