Shirley Conran was an Idiot

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“Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom.” - Shirley Conran I have to disagree. And yes, there’s a business Aesop at the end of all this. But for now, mushrooms. Now, I am an enthusiastic if untalented chef. Eating good food is one of life’s great pleasures, and I like to create interesting meals. Last Friday, I tried recreating something I’d eaten in Cornwall, and it was pretty successful. Here’s how it...

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Ogilvy on Advertising (and – whisper it – where he’s wrong…)

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I love this video. Ogilvy, of course, is an old master. The man is the Leonardo Da Vinci of direct response copy. That said… I do think there’s something he’s missing here. He’s right about a lot of stuff. Direct response is the advertising that makes the money, and it does that because it doesn’t care about pretty. It cares about dollars. Direct response is what makes your customers take action, right now. But...

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Presentation, presentation, presentation

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It’s politics season. Labour are just coming to the end of their conference, and Chief!Ed gave what was by all accounts a barnstormer of a speech. I’m not going to get into my politics here. I’ve got them, and one day I might talk about them. But not now. Now I want to talk about this paragraph, taken not from the speech but from James Landale’s analysis of it: But that said, Mr Miliband did go some way to tackling one...

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